Proof of Love Ep. 57 Dating In Different Cultures with Leigh Cuen

Proof of Love dives into the differences between dating and relationships in the United States, particularly in New York City, and relationships in places in the world where openness is more common and desirable with reporter and author Leigh Cuen. Tatiana, Lauren, and Leigh share their experiences with these different relationship norms and their fears […]

Proof of Love Ep. 51 Andreas Antonopoulos

With all the fear surrounding the coronavirus, we all could use some advice on how to conquer that fear with love. On this episode of #ProofofLove, we invited Andreas Antonopoulos on to discuss how love can be used to combat the worst of our emotions. Having suffered from anxiety and depression in the past, Andreas […]

Proof of Love Ep. 50 Giacomo Zucco & Mir Liponi

 Giacomo Zucco and Mir Liponi join Tatiana live from Unconfiscatable in Las Vegas. Together for a decade, Mir and Giacomo *almost* did the Vegas wedding thing but ultimately decided to pass on the experience. After some discussion about COVID-19 in Italy, they share their struggles with learning English and learning to make alone time […]

Proof of Love Ep. 48 Q&A: Keeping the Rings, Prenups, & Orgasms

During this NSFW episode of #ProofOfLove, Dr. Stephanie Murphy regales listeners with an uncomfy story about how medical students practice sensitive exams, somehow,  leading co-hosts Tatiana Moroz and Lauren Kaszovitz into discussion about what to do with engagement or wedding rings if you break up, our thoughts on prenup agreements, and on faking orgasms. You […]

POLC Ep. 39 Leah Jonas

On this week’s #ProofofLove, Stephanie returns to the show with Tatiana and Lauren to discuss dating on the road with our very special guest, Leah Jonas. As a self-described digital nomad, Leah discusses with the ladies her personal side and how is dating on the road. We tackle some of the tougher questions about life […]

POLC 38 Marriage Complications

Marriage – not as easy as people make it look. On this episode of Proof of Love, co-hosts Tatiana Moroz and Lauren Kaszovitz talk about the many hardships that tend to come with marriage. Is it necessary to live together before tying the knot? When and how do you make the monumental decision to have […]

Proof of Love Ep. 29 Intro To Tarot

This week on Proof of Love, co-host Lauren Kazovitz speaks in depth about her experience with Tarot Cards and Readings. After going to a number of expensive, unpredictable tarot readers, Lauren decided to take it upon herself to dive head-first into Tarot. She approached it as if she was learning a new language – and […]

Proof of Love Episode 27 Coach Valerie Greene

On this episode of Proof of Love, we have guest Coach Valerie Greene! She is a relationship coach and gives us tips on how to deal with our current relationships as well as healing from past ones. Some of the questions we had the chance to ask her were:  How do you know when someone […]

POLC25 After Dark With Sexy Sue

We had an amazing conversation with a sex-positive single woman who truly believes variety is the spice of life.  Sexy Sue tells Stephanie and I all about her dating life, to include racy photos she receives from guys. You know what I am talking about.  We had fun learning valuable dating tips and were shocked […]

Proof of Love Ep. 22 The Freakout

This was an episode we weren’t sure to release. It’s more personal but hopefully worthwhile to getting you to dig deeper. New relationships can be rocky to start, but sometimes it’s worth it. Is the freak out a red flag? Quite possibly, but is it also a way to break through? Do you have a […]

Proof of Love Ep. 21 Audience Questions

In today’s episode of Proof of Love, the whole crew is together answering audience questions again. How do you know if chicks are hitting on you?  That question had us thinking, how would you do it? Then we talk a bit about red flags in dating. Tune in and tell us what you think in […]