Proof of Love Ep. 32 -The Film “A Courtship”

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On this episode of Proof of Love, Tatiana Moroz and co-hosts Lauren Kazovitz and Dr. Stephanie Murphy talk about marriage, intimacy, and more specifically – Courtship. 

We review Amy Kohn’s documentary ‘A Courtship’ – the story of Christian matchmaking. How do you feel about marriage at first sight? First kiss on the altar? Hear it all and more with the ladies of Proof of Love. 

The best part? You can join in on the conversation and watch ‘A Courtship’ available for free on Amazon Prime. 

Check it out here, and make sure to tweet @ProofofLoveCast to let us know what you think!

Watch The Film ” A Courtship”

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Thank you to our sponsor Vaultoro

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*You have been listening to Proof of Love.  This show may contain adult content, language, and humor and is intended for mature audiences.  If that’s not you, please stop listening. Nothing you hear on Proof of Love is intended as financial advice, legal advice, therapy or really, anything other than entertainment.  Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Oh, and if you’re hearing to us on an affiliate network, the ideas and views expressed on this show, are not necessarily of the those of the network you are listening on, or of any sponsors or any affiliate products you may hear about on the show.

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