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Proof of Love Ep. 7 Tantric Sex with Ben Tantra Punk

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What can one say about a crypto tantric episode other than wow.  This is our spiciest Proof of Love yet! Ben Tantra Punk joined Stephanie and I to discuss this ancient practice.  In between a few laughs and blushes, we get a great overview of tantric lovemaking, how it’s different from regular lovemaking, the history of why there is tantric sex in the first place, and the joys of the female orgasm.  We went a bit over on time, but I don’t think you will mind with this subject matter! We need more love in our lives, and this episode will show you how to put some of these teachings into practice, even if calling each other goddess in bed is a little uncomfortable.  

About the Guests:

Ben Tantra Punk is a sex worker, feminist porn performer, certified permaculture designer, certified tantric counselor, author, film maker, and recording artist. He’s found healing and empowerment through sacred loving arts, ecological gardening, shamanism, ecstatic trance dancing, martial arts, and open source technology. His ongoing independent short film series, Sexorcism the Tantric Opera, was launched in early 2017. It tells his story of recovery from childhood sexual trauma, adolescent sex trafficking, and the path of a wounded healer. His first book, Psychedelic Goddess Worship: Erotic Memoirs from the Astral Battlefield, is planned for release in late 2019.

He loves to help tantric seekers discover the infinite source of divine love from above, the eternal power and wisdom from the Earth below, and the bliss of conscious, healthy, diverse romantic relationships in between. He provides private coaching and counseling sessions online and in-person, and teaches publicly via livestream on the Ethereum powered SpankChain camsite at: His writings, music, podcasts, videos and contact info can be found at

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Long distance ep 3

Proof of Love Ep. 3 Long Distance Dating and Dating on the Road

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Is this even possible?  Can you sustain a meaningful relationship when there are oceans between you and the object of your affection?  What makes it work, and what can ruin it?  What about dating while touring the world, whether that’s as a speaker, a musician, or just a digital nomad?  How do you get the guts to tell someone that you want to try for something more real, even though it’s hard to get to that place if you are only meeting people in transit?  It’s not so easy!  It IS possible, or at least some of the ladies seem to think so.  How about you?  Tell us your long distance experiences, did it work?  Utter failure?  Any tips or tricks?  Leave a comment below.

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Proof of Love Ep. 2 Attachment Theory

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My favorite thing I have learned on my journey into my romantic psyche has been Attachment Theory.  Whenever I share it with people, it also seems to help them and really resonate.  It’s nice to know we are not alone in our weird behaviors some of us have had since childhood, but never really had an explanation for.  Hint: you’re not a crazy person (well, you may be, but not because of this specifically).  Stephanie had some great articles we touched on, I have some book recommendations, and Lauren shares what it’s like to go from one style into another based on your partner.

Interested in learning your own attachment style?  Listen in, and see if you are a secure, anxious, avoidant, or an anxious-avoidant!

Here are some links we reference in the show:

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The Premier Episode: Proof Of Love

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Finally, the time has come.  Our very first episodes are launching!  Proof of Love has been a labour of love, no doubt.  However, I am so excited to be able to share these first few episodes with you!   This is the opener, where Lauren, Stephanie, and I go through a bit of our dating history and the reasons why we wanted to start the show.  Expect a lot of different topics moving forward, and some celebrity guests, and some authorities on love, sex, personal growth, and more.

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Dr. Stephanie Murphy explains: Why Proof of Love?

Hi! I’m Dr. Stephanie Murphy, and I’ve been talking about relationships on the internet since 2008.


I want to help the listeners of this show get to know me in this post. So I’m going to share with you the answer to the question you’re probably thinking about. Why? What makes me want to talk about relationships on the internet – and what qualifies me to give advice?


Great questions. You should ask that about anyone who puts themselves out there on the internet as an “expert!”


I would say it all started when I began listening to Dan Savage’s podcast, Savage Love, in 2007. Dan had already been doing an advice column for over a decade by that point, and with the rise of podcasting as a media form in the late 2000s, he began doing a show where people could call in with their questions, and he would answer them on the air.


This was not a new concept, but it was new to me. First of all, I was touched by how many different people called in, earnestly asking for advice. And I knew that for everyone out there who took the time to call and leave a question, there were probably hundreds or thousands of others who were wondering about the exact same thing! Or at least, dealing with a situation that was similar enough that the answer to the caller’s question would be helpful for them. And then, I realized, there were many thousands of other folks who were simply listening out of curiosity, but who could then learn something through the process of casually listening.


I was definitely one of those listeners. Through a process of casual listening (OK, not always casual – sometimes the questions were totally relevant to me!) I picked up a lot of useful information. And, not only that, but I started applying what I learned in my own romantic life!

There were many other podcasts that inspired me – especially when I moved away from just listening to podcasts about sex, and started delving deeper into psychology, healing from past traumatic experiences, and personal growth. I started working on discovering my own “issues” and healing from them. It’s still an ongoing process, but through a journey of self-discovery that was sparked by listening to relationship podcasts, I reached a greater level of knowing myself and accepting myself than ever before.


That’s really why I want to talk about relationships on the internet. I think that through relating with other people, we can understand ourselves better. We can learn and grow. We can experience what (I believe) deep down, everyone wants – real connection with other people. Love! Love is definitely an enhancement to the experience of being human.


When Tatiana told me the idea for this show, I was super excited. Not only did it fit in with my “mission” of talking about relationships on the internet, but I was happy that I would be doing it with two other wise people who have something important to say. As we start off 2019, I can’t wait to see what connections we will make and what we will learn through the show this coming year. I know that there is always more to learn. So if you ever catch me acting like I know everything there is to know about relationships, give me a reality check, because I’ll tell you right now that I don’t. I’ll be learning right along with everyone else – and I’m excited about it!


Thanks for reading, and I’ll be talking with you soon…





A bit about me… by Lauren

After a few incredibly challenging years, I am here to give hope that if you stay true to your values, consistently evolve emotionally, trust your intuition and be the very best version of yourself you can be, you WILL come out on top.

Hi, I’m Lauren, a newly engaged Brooklyn transplant in southern California. New York City was my love and my playground for years and as a friendly, outgoing (yet introverted) person who never had trouble finding Mr. Right Now, I had given up on finding Mr. Right. I focused on my writing, my life as a real estate agent, my love of photography, film, and music and became actively involved in the world of crypto.

Romantic relationships never defined me; I was always happy with my own company and developing many of my creative hobbies while spending time with beloved family and friends.  I was in a ten year relationship and when that ended, I had to start from scratch in a new city while most of my friends were settling down, getting married, and having babies. It was tough for me but I never wavered in my happiness for others and building my own joy became my priority.

Many lessons, heartaches and years later, filled with love and respect for myself, I had finally found joy in my own life. As that happened, my person walked right in. It’s cliche but it’s true and I want to help anyone who is having a hard time believing it will happen to them because recognizing the right person and realizing you deserve it is not as easy as many make it sound.

I want to be a sounding board and a voice for those who have been through the ringer and come out standing or are still struggling to sludge through the dating minefield and need some support. My goal is to help and inspire others and discuss the many ways our current social landscape is both a savior and a barrier to love and wellness.

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Why did I start this show in the first place?

2018 and everything leading up to has been intense to say the least.  We live in a world where we are disconnected, even though we are attached to our phones.  They are an extension of us, but they also can put up barriers to those we want to get closest to.


I have been working in technology for years, even when I managed various recording studios in NY.  Those were engineers as well. However, I considered myself separate from their occasional social foibles, as I am quite outgoing and warm.  But when it comes to relationships, I notice we pretty much all fall apart.


How can we build the beautiful world of tomorrow if we cannot manage our day to day interpersonal relationships that inspire the reason to text, call, or email in the first place?  How do we keep love in our hearts during the Tinder Apocalypse?


I had my heart broken this year, but I had also held it out in total vulnerability.  That allowed me to learn more about myself than I had in a really long time, and set me on a personal growth trajectory that continues to motivate my work to this day.  I saw how blind I was to my own walls I put up, even when I try to be truly in the moment and engaged. What a mess it’s been, but it’s also allowed me to see deeper into myself.  


I feel a stronger motivation than ever to connect with my fellow man on a multitude of levels.  I have always seen music as my great connection and contribution. Then I found my voice in activism, public speaking, and politics.  That evolved into action and innovation through Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain.  


Now, I venture into the vast uncharted waters of love accompanied by 2 of my best friends.  This is going to be a crazy journey, but I am so happy to be joined by not only them, but you, the listener.  I hope this show can be a resource, a friend, and a sexy warm port in the cold storm of relationship life!