About Us


Lauren Kaszovitz


Lauren has years of dating and relationship experience in both NYC and DC. She has been a pop culture blogger, a real estate agent, and even worked at the IMF before becoming a key part of Crypto Media Hub since early 2018. She recently got engaged and moved across the country to be with the love of her life. While she has found her Prince Charming, she has many tales of frog adventures to share, as well as good advice!

Tatiana Moroz


Tatiana has been the host of The Tatiana Show since 2015, but she only recently had the idea for Proof of Love after many years of dating on the road. She is a singer-songwriter, activist, speaker, and the CEO of Crypto Media Hub (CMH). A tender hearted firecracker, our own Carrie Bradshaw with a twist is all about balancing those worlds. It’s not easy trying to have a love life as a single globetrotting gal!

Dr. Stephanie Murphy


Dr. Stephanie Murphy is our resident doctor. Stephanie left the medical field to pursue her dreams of becoming a voice actor for a variety of different genres, from fiction, to educational books, crypto guides, and even narrating erotica! She’s been the host of Porc Therapy, and the co-host Sex and Science Hour and Let’s Talk Bitcoin. She been talking about relationships on the internet since 2009.

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