A bit about me… by Lauren

After a few incredibly challenging years, I am here to give hope that if you stay true to your values, consistently evolve emotionally, trust your intuition and be the very best version of yourself you can be, you WILL come out on top.

Hi, I’m Lauren, a newly engaged Brooklyn transplant in southern California. New York City was my love and my playground for years and as a friendly, outgoing (yet introverted) person who never had trouble finding Mr. Right Now, I had given up on finding Mr. Right. I focused on my writing, my life as a real estate agent, my love of photography, film, and music and became actively involved in the world of crypto.

Romantic relationships never defined me; I was always happy with my own company and developing many of my creative hobbies while spending time with beloved family and friends.  I was in a ten year relationship and when that ended, I had to start from scratch in a new city while most of my friends were settling down, getting married, and having babies. It was tough for me but I never wavered in my happiness for others and building my own joy became my priority.

Many lessons, heartaches and years later, filled with love and respect for myself, I had finally found joy in my own life. As that happened, my person walked right in. It’s cliche but it’s true and I want to help anyone who is having a hard time believing it will happen to them because recognizing the right person and realizing you deserve it is not as easy as many make it sound.

I want to be a sounding board and a voice for those who have been through the ringer and come out standing or are still struggling to sludge through the dating minefield and need some support. My goal is to help and inspire others and discuss the many ways our current social landscape is both a savior and a barrier to love and wellness.

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