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Proof of Love Ep. 8 Non Violent Communication with Pamela Morgan

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Non Violent Communication is a loaded term, and evokes strong feelings sometimes.  This week’s show with Tatiana and Stephanie features special guest Pamela Morgan.

She is a leading attorney in the space, and has been a beloved member of the community since 2014.  On a more personal level, she has been a wonderful friend to Tatiana and has been kind enough to offer guidance on how to grow emotional intelligence.  At first the ladies review a bit about attachment theory, but then Pam shares with us what she’s learned after delving into Marshall Rosenburg’s book “Non Violent Communication”.   Pam also talks a bit about her book Crypto Inheritance Planning.  We discuss how to protect your loved ones when you pass away, and the best way to store your cryptos to pass on the information while keeping your keys secure.

About the Guests:

Pamela Morgan is an educator, entrepreneur, author, and attorney. Licensed to practice law in Michigan and Illinois, she has extensive legal experience in business organization, risk analysis, contract negotiation and drafting, and dispute resolution through consensus building. She began focusing her law practice exclusively on bitcoin and open blockchains in early 2014. Today, much of her work with Empowered Law involves training lawyers how to use bitcoin and open blockchain technology to reduce risk and uncertainty in business and legal settings. Her workshops have been lauded as providing “clarity amidst all the hype.” She is a widely respected authority on multi-signature governance, inheritance planning and legal innovation using digital currencies. Her book, Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners, provides a clear blueprint to inheritance planning for those holding cryptocurrency, tokens, crypto-collectibles, and other cryptoassets.

She is also the founder of Third Key Solutions, LLC, a boutique cryptographic key consulting firm that works with individuals and organizations to improve the security of their cryptoassets and ensure these assets are accessible in the event of a crisis or disaster. In 2017, she joined the American Arbitration Association Commercial Panel as the first arbitrator with extensive bitcoin and open blockchain experience.

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Non Violent Communication Book

Pam’s book/audiobook

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Proof of Love Ep. 6 Meditation & Astrology with Fred Steinmann

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Fred Steinmann is an early supporter of the Proof of Love show and was eager to come on.  We were intrigued by his mastery of astrology, as well as the random information he possesses in the world of “woo”.  We talk a bit about meditation, synchronicity, and how he fell in love and knew it on the spot- this was the woman he was meant to be with!  Very romantic, and apropos for the show! Quite a mix of topics, but if you want something different from your afternoon podcast? I think you came to the right place!  

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About the Guests:

Frederick started out his career in Public accounting at Cohn Reznick supporting a diverse range of clients from Warner Music Group, The Empire State Building, Juice Press to Gotham Bar and Grill.  In 2007 Frederick joined Blackstone before the company completed it’s IPO and became a key member in implementing technological systems and designing processes to improve the global tax financial reporting function.  During 7 years at Blackstone Frederick developed a proficiency in supporting a fast paced high growth financial services firm. In 2014 Frederick left Blackstone to begin his own consulting practice to work with companies, entrepreneurs and artists that are looking to impact the Triple Bottom Line.   The search for properly valuing the triple bottom line led him to the nascent world of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.  He currently advises clients on finance, strategy, business development and marketing. In 2017 Frederick joined Mondo NYC as the partner responsible for strategy and business development. In addition to being a CPA in New York State, Frederick studies the depth psychology of Carl Jung and practices Buddhism.

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